Why are break-out areas so important in an office?


Why are break-out areas so important in an office?

It’s no secret that in this day and age countless numbers of us are spending a considerable amount of our working week glued to our desks, staring at computer screens for extended periods of time. Therefore, installing an area where employees eyes can avert from their computer screen and take a bit of a mental break is, in our view, paramount for companies to consider in their new office fit-out. A separate area from the boardroom or desks gives opportunities for less formal meetings to happen, employees to relax and enjoy their lunch.


While many of our clients approach us with budgets at the forefront of their minds, areas like these are often put as a second priority to other areas of the office such as board rooms etc.

We are constantly reminding them of the benefits reaped from such an area in the office.

We listed our top 3:

Productivity: By letting employees give their eyes and brains a rest away from the desk for an hour, they can return feeling refreshed with a clear mind to take on the rest of the day’s tasks.

Creativity: Those brain storm sessions that need to happen away from the hustle and bustle of the office can happen here. They say creative ideas flow in a more relaxed environment. A dedicated space for idea collaboration will benefit employee morale and productivity.

Employee health and wellbeing: Recent studies have shown that companies that encourage regular breaks in designated areas for employees see decreases in stress levels and the general feeling of being ‘burnt out’.


Marcela, one of our designers shares 3 of her main pointers when designing break-out areas:

Have fun with colour: Don’t be scared to have fun with colour in your break out space, colour is a great way to stimulate creativity and energise employee interaction. This is the perfect space to experiment with, through the furniture detail, kitchen cabinets, wall paper and upholstery options.

Select the right furniture: When choosing break-out furniture, I would recommend furniture that is comfortable, versatile and complimentary to the intended use of the room.   The right selection of armchairs, ottomans, high back lounges or white boards can enhance the interaction between employees, encourage relaxed conversation or informal brainstorming sessions

Lighting can make all the difference: In my experience not all break out areas have access to natural light, we can however work around this through the use of feature lighting. Selecting pendent lights for the break out area, is a great way to dramatically enhance the space, creating dimension and a fluid atmosphere. The options are endless!

Check out all of our break-out areas we’ve completed recently in the ‘our work’ section. If you have any queries regarding break-out spaces in your current or new office, do not hesitate to call to chat to one of our designers.

– Pip