The Art of Work

Slow morning at the regina 140x120cm

The Art of Work

Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary and D&C Partnership

Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary, Sydney based art specialists have partnered with creative workplace designers D&C to bring a new bespoke art offering to Sydney’s newly refurbished offices.

Motivated by a proven increase in productivity derived from art in the workplace, combined with a reticence in the business world to prioritise art in the office, D&C and Nanda\Hobbs teamed up to start a more “art driven” approach to office refurbishments.

Gerard Crawford, Managing Director of D&C approached Nanda\Hobbs to facilitate a simplified art program for businesses regardless of size or budget.

“There’s an assumption that artwork is an excessive, flamboyant part of the office fitout and it’s often thought of as a last minute decoration rather than an integral part of the plan. But when a client thinks of art as well as brand at the ideas stage, the business really comes alive” he said.

“We design offices for many things, brand, productivity, staff happiness and efficiencies and we found the presence of great art really improves staff engagement and productivity and can act as an icebreaker for meetings and interviews, which is so important” he added.

Ralph Hobbs co-owner of Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary agrees adding that the cost need not be an issue. “Renting major works by outstanding artists costs a fraction of the price of buying outright, plus rental payments are 100% tax deductible for businesses”.

Often dealing with tight budgetary constraints for clients, Crawford added, “Renting art is actually a very cost-effective means of refreshing a tired, dated work place or for drawing attention away from a problem area.”

As part of the partnership both D&C and Nanda\Hobbs will work together to get businesses thinking about art as a branding and productivity mechanism.

Crawford suggested allocating a certain amount of the fitout budget to art rental and to have an idea of what purpose the art will fulfil, be it conversation, creativity, brand enhancement or wow factor.

D&C and Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary are encouraging all Australian business to benefit from great artwork in the work place with Nanda\Hobbs offering a free e-book on how to start an art collection.

For more information about a better workspace fitout contact D&C

Artwork: James Drinkwater, Slow Morning at the Regina, 2016, Mixed media on board, 140x120cm.