Tell me what this “dream” means

Gerard Crawford Managing Director

Tell me what this “dream” means

Why we “Dream & Create” at D&C

By Gerard Crawford

We all work, play, eat, sleep and well, live in a world where more and more is required and expected – of tech, service, us.  That’s why we looked at D&C and realised that it’s more than design and construction.  Much more.  Dream & Create also captures the greater scope of what we achieve for our clients.  Let me explain.

When I consider doing business with an organisation, I’m influenced to varying degrees by the attitudes and performance of their people.  This in turn is greatly influenced by the environment in which they work.  I’m sure I’m not alone in this.  And on the occasions when I visit the offices of a client or company with whom we’re doing business, the surroundings will inevitably influence, to a degree, my opinion of the business.

If that seems reasonable then surely it’s unreasonable to expect our clients, who feel their business environment something special, to be satisfied with the industry norm.  Oftentimes, clients will provide the floor space and the must-haves: this many desks and chairs, a kitchen, conference room and some other details.  The contractor duly notes these things down and the dance begins.  Eventually, an agreement is made, both parties are satisfied and that’s that.  Is “satisfied” enough?

The idea of “Dream & Create” tells our clients, and reminds us, that we are helping to enhance their business with a brand-fit, fitout.  We are just as interested in the impact it will have on your reputation, your people, clients and brand as overall look.

Aesthetics and effectiveness.

Our brand defines “how” we design and construct environments that reflect and promote clients’ businesses, their brands and way of working.

We want our inspiring interiors to be the catalyst that enhances their reputation and reinforces ours.

That’s the Dream.

Gerard Crawford is the Managing Director of Dream & Create (D&C), contactable via