Get on your pedestal – What’s in the box?

Get on your pedestal

Get on your pedestal – What’s in the box?

By Andrew Cotter with Marlon “Train” Forrester


“Your life, or at least your work life to varying degrees, is stashed in your office pedestal.  Whether you’re surfing the fast-paced, ever-changing, hot-desk wave or sitting pretty with the window view, your pedestal is with you.  Select wisely.” Gary Poechhacker founder Dream & Create on the unsung office accoutrement

To the untrained eye your pedestal might just be a box with draws on wheels – okay castors.  But the familiar, three-drawer configuration lives by a fairly rigid set of principles, initially anyway.  That is before chaos closes in, borders are blurred and order gives way to the kind of inter-drawer lawlessness that most fear but some embrace.  However, you can’t break the rules until you know them.  They are based on the reverse apartment building corollary – the penthouse is at the bottom and the everyday people (items) are at the top.  So here they are:

  • Top drawer – Pens, post-it note pads, paper clips. There are little compartments in here and all is well at all times.  This is the most opened and shut drawer and often times it continues the glorious illusion that is the much vaunted “clean desk policy”.  Nickname: the showroom.
  • Middle drawer: This is complicated.  Carefully labelled documents, itemised receipts, and random snacks… eventually. In all but the most fastidious hands, this is where the rubber meets the rubbish.  It’s a perfect storm of paper, wrappers and surrender (Ed. it’s true). Nickname: the Mire in the Middle.
  • Lower drawer – this is the area designed for hanging files… and random papers that will be stuffed in there towards the end of the week or when you realise that Friday arvo drinks started 5minutes ago. Nickname: the Panic Room.

Forget the walls, if only pedestals could talk!

What would yours say about you?  Well, we surveyed 1,000 pedestals who all call Sydney’s CBDs home about their relationship with their owners and here are the top 5 responses:

5)  My third drawer is where all the secrets are: Who Killed JR and JFK, why Rusty really bought the Rabbitohs, the Barangaroo budgets – it’s all here!

4) Chewing gum in the top drawer, snack bars in the second, muffins in the third – the whole thing is a PR exercise.

3) I love the hot desk life, I could never spend my whole week in one place when there’s a whole call centre to explore.

2) Since the clean desk policy I’ve become heavy and bloated.

1) My problem is I keep everything locked inside.

Clearly there is much to know about pedestals and related office items, things that only the team from Select Office Furniture and I will tell you.  My advice? Select carefully and make friends with your pedestal – your life’s in there.

Image: Dream & Create 2016