Because Is Not An Answer


Because Is Not An Answer

Office fit outs need style and substance

By Marlon “Train” Forrester

“Because…” and “just because…” are the worst and second worst answers someone can offer in response to a direct question.  This is especially true if the question relates to an aspect of your office fitout or discretionary fixtures – art, tech, accessories etc.

Interestingly or perhaps unfortunately therefore, people stop asking direct questions.  (This may or may not be part of the PC fever dream from which we are yet to awake.)  The point is that if businesses aren’t looking very closely at their office fitout plans and asking themselves the right questions and answering them, clients, visitors, employees will – and they’ll invariably make up their own answers and their minds about you, your business, your brand! (Ed. a lot of italics in that sentence – calm down!)

Rather than sitting back and throwing stones at glass offices, we have the list of questions that should be asked when considering the fitout inclusions such as say, water features, marble benchtops, raised platforms, giant touch screens…

That question is, “Why?”

Esteemed author and thinker Simon Syneck wrote “Start With Why” and indeed you should.  We love the snippet that says, “it doesn’t matter what you do, it matters why you do it.”  Indeed!

This superb article by Jake Soper published in Mumbrella, raging against “techoration”.

‘Techoration’ is investing in off the shelf technology to decorate your business without having a strategy for growth, profit or engagement in place. It’s a losing game for everyone involved.”

Soper goes on by outlining this all-too-common scenario:

“Great news, we’ve just bought ten top-of-the-line 70 inch LED displays for the lobby! The boss says we need a modern, sophisticated entry space to match our brand values as a leader in technology and innovation.”

“Brilliant! What sort of branded content are we planning to put on them?”

“Well, we don’t have any branded content planned just yet. But who doesn’t love ABC News 24?”

The way to a potentially good answer that results in a brilliant, brand-fit office fitout is to ask what you want your customers, clients and/or team to experience and let your litmus test be why.